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Software development is an amalgamation of development skills and multiple other skill sets i.e. analysis, communication, testing, and most importantly understanding client's business and their needs. To find the right partner to develop your software can be a complex task, particularly when your budget is tight and you require full flexibility.

We are what our name suggests "Adaptative" . We are flexible in all aspects of software development and related processes, however, when it comes to quality we make an exception!

Our flexibility is reflected in our approach

  »    Working in different time zone as per our client's need.

  »    Working in different open sources and technologies as per our client's need.

  »    Flexible resource options i.e. Ramp up or down team within short notice period.

  »    Varied Engagement models based on client requirement and budget.

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Why Choose Us ?
Cost Effectiveness

You get best in class services at most affordable pricing, be it in terms of optimisation or web app development. When we say our services are cost effective, they really are because in providing you with services at affordable prices we do not compromise over the quality, technology, flexibility or innovativeness. We believe in offering best of services at most suitable rates.

Flexible Engagement Models

We understand our clients and their demands well. We don't just provide you with our services or lend you our team to work for you but have you as a new member of our global family. And to suit your purpose the best we never step back from curtailing our services in most flexible manner.

Technology Expertisation

Will you ever buy a new car with years old engine? Never, right? Then how can you ever compromise over the technology when it comes to the development and optimisation of your site?

We believe in staying up to date with the latest technology and our team of developers, designers, and the optimisers have great technological expertise. We aim at your satisfaction and our team's skilfulness and real knack for handling the technology leave not a single stone unturned.

Pre-Built Packages

The pre-built packages of our services aim at your convenience and make it super easy for you to choose only those services which are most suitable for you.

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Engagement Models

  • Low Starting Cost: Development costs start from as little as $15/hr
  • Time Advantage: Our Developers are available in an Indian time zone
  • Scope: Every change is accommodated as a part of specification.
  • Start Time: Having multiples resource avenues allows us to scale up at short notice and commence projects immediately
  • Best Suited: To most applications.
  • Budget Model: Best suited for fix set of requirements
  • Scope: Alteration of scope requires approval.
  • Cost protection: Time can vary cost can't if scope is constant.
  • Start Time: Detailed Specification required for estimation.
  • Best Suited: For application which are futures proof /specification defined to cover future aspects.
  • Elaborative Model: Need a extend team over existing team.
  • Cost: Fixed low cost for resource with optimized utilization.
  • Time: Availability in Indian time zone.
  • Setup Time: Team creation/ramp up in 1 week time.
  • Best Suited: Need resources for a term with cost effectiveness.
  • Check Model: Maintenance/enhancement of existing project on annual/monthly contract.
  • Cost: Fixed monthly/yearly low cost.
  • Time: 24 * 7 support with critical issue level management.
  • Consultancy: Free consultancy over upgrades, new solutions, technical research, etc.
  • Best Suited: For all web application which are ready and live.
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