4 Top Reasons Why your iPhone Apps Turn Out a Flop

iPhone App Development

When you create an iPhone app, the only thing that keeps you obsessed is getting phenomenal response from the users! How you’d love to see your app getting hundreds of downloads day after day with a constant increase in the number of downloads; people writing positive reviews; talking about it; marking stars; and so much more!!

But what if opposite happens? This is something that we can describe as a complete nightmare for an iPhone app developer!! After a good number of downloads initially, soon the number starts dwindling and becomes a nil, nobody talks about it forget about people posting reviews or marking stars for it. In fact, your users start uninstalling it from their devices, it has no fan at all. Surely, you can’t imagine that to happen, can you?

Below are some of the most crucial reasons that can turn your iPhone app into a total flop. Simply avoid doing these and help your app retain a better popularity!

Do you offer your app for free?

An app offered for free is just like free paper bags that users may like to get hold of but will hardly care to use it often. People, who download apps available for free, soon form a notion that these are of no worth because of being offered for free. Some go a step further and soon delete away those free to use apps from their devices. But if you keep updating your free to use app, this will surely make your users to have it on their phone as well as download the newer versions of it!

But interestingly, people do use those apps that they pay for, even if they are cheap as dirt! So assign some nominal price to your app, even if it is dirt cheap as this will encourage your users to really use your app and have it safe on their iPhone. But if you still think of offering your app for free, keep updating it from time to time.

Does your app show functioning issues?

This is again an important point to consider, nobody likes to use an application with technical faults and working issues. As soon as a user realizes some serious flaw with your app, they delete it straight away. Make sure that your application doesn’t have any functioning issues. Make it well designed with best user interface and trouble free functioning.

Test your app several times before the final launch to check if it has freezing or crashing issues. Work upon them to remove the issues. And don’t forget to check the working on all the versions of iPhone for any kind of compatibility issues, remove every minor issues as they can grow bigger and prove problematic.

Your upgrading scheme is not executed properly?

Generally, developers decide to introduce regular upgrades but sometimes they forget to continue it or execute their schemes badly which kills the interest of the users.

Again, there are some developers who offer two versions of their apps namely the paid and the free. Now since their paid versions fetch them money, they kind of neglect the free version. If you have similar scheme, plan out a proper upgrading system both for the paid and the free version. Remember an upgrade in the free version can improve the sales of your paid version!

Does your app have something unique to offer?

With hundreds of iPhone apps on the App Store, people generally look for something new. Initially people may download your app because of its name, appearance and description but soon on realizing it to be same as the other available apps, they lose their interest in using it, this either makes them delete your app or simple ignore it.

So, make sure to keep your app fresh with new and innovative features. The best way to keep your app new, fresh, and always popular is to keep introducing some unique feature to it in its every upgrade. Staying innovative throughout the iPhone apps development process will make your apps stay popular and catchier among the users.