An Insight to Facebook App Development: Guidelines for Developers & Designers

Facebook App Development

When it comes to developing applications for Facebook, the one most important question that one needs to ask is how good the app is going to work and what role it is going to play in opening doors to the world’s largest social networking site!

As the number of FB users is increasing almost torrentially, it becomes important for a developer to have special considerations on Facebook app development and designing right from the planning level.

Knowing Facebook: As a Development Platform

Whether you’re a developer or a designer, it is important for you to keep up to date with each and every new feature that FB gets added for better looks, unique functionalities and proper operability of your app.

First thing you’ve to do is to check the Facebook Privacy Policy as well as their Developer Principles & Policies, this has to be the very first thing you do, when you haven’t written even a single line of code! This is important because your entire strategy has to depend on it. And in case your app doesn’t follow their policies, it won’t get approved on FB.

Second, keep reading the Developers Roadmap of the networking site this will let you know about each and every forthcoming changes going to happen to the site’s features and policies, this will help you modify your app on time without wasting a lot of time, energy and money.

The Designing Part

Designing plays a vital role in the success of your app. The entire look and feel of your app will depend on it. Here are some important points to remember for designing your app well.

First, make sure that the design that you’ve planned is constituent of the concept behind the development of the app and displays the ideas that it carry.

Second, keep it as user-friendly as possible. Focus on its being intuitive as well. And most importantly, don’t forget to make it entertaining or else it will not appeal the users much. However, the nature of entertainment that your app will offer should be in terms with your niche.

Third, since your app is for social networking site it should be social networking oriented and viral in nature. Make sure it encourages people to communicate and invite other and offers a supporting environment for socializing.

Fourth, make your app give a “Wow!!” feeling to your users. Don’t let your design create any type of development issues or programming difficulties this may ruin your capability to add new features and functionalities later on. In a nut shell, use simpler designing which stays flexible and easy to use.

Fifth, don’t forget to check the competition. There will already be hundreds of apps in your niche, make your app stay unique and catchy with different looks and attractive in designing.

Understanding App development: Stop confusing it with Facebook Connect

Facebook connect can be understood as the scripts that help in recognizing the features such as content or link sharing from your website right onto Facebook or in getting more fans to your Facebook Page and so on.  These basically are ready to use scripts that can easily be installed onto your website.

And you shouldn’t confuse them with FB apps which essentially are the software applications that have to be developed and designed right from the beginning and in the process you need to understand the Facebook APIs along with the popular programming languages like PHP, AJAX, MySQL as well as the libraries and other important things. Thus, development of an app will require you to invest more time and expertise and will not be same as using the Facebook Connect: the ready to use scripts.

Proper understanding of the development process, technology, trends and APIs together with regular practice will turn you into a most effective Facebook developer creating most fabulous apps!!