Why to Build osCommerce Shopping Cart Using AJAX

osCommerce Web Development

Most business houses planning to have an e-commerce site online look forward to hire osCommerce developer as osCommerce has come up as one of the most amazing e-commerce solutions that makes it easier and better to develop well customised shopping carts and stores online. The best thing about the shopping carts created using osCommerce solutions is that they are completely user friendly and awfully convenient for the customers to shop on them.

But when it comes to add more efficiency to your osCommerce site, it is to integrate AJAX based functionalities on to it. This is why most merchants who have online stores prefer the use of AJAX technology in the development process of their e-commerce site.

What is AJAX and what makes its use so significant?

AJAX is the term used for the combination of synchronous JavaScript and XML. It is a fine combination of the technologies that use up HTML and CSS for the sake of mark-up and style information. It is basically a methodology to mash-up the JavaScript, DHTML as well as XML Http deportments right into the browser to have a purely dynamic web page content that doesn’t require the user to keep refreshing the page time and again. In other words, it is a way to use all the tried and tested technologies which are most reliable in an entirely new and innovative manner in order to have most user friendly experience.

And this user friendly experience that it offers is what makes the incorporation of AJAX in osCommerce development as it makes the shopping carts incredibly easy to use and navigate without the need of the refreshing of the page.

Let’s take a look at the rewards of using AJAX in the development of osCommerce shopping carts

It makes the shopping carts easy to use and offer best shopping experience to the users

How you love things which are easy to handle and when it comes to shopping, or a place where you’re to spend money, surely, you’ll not look for anything difficult, will you?  More importantly, when you have to handle money matters, i.e. paying through credit card and so on, you’ll always look for something simpler as simple means less chances of errors which in turn means your money and money related details will stay safe.

AJAX incorporated osCommerce shopping carts load fast improving your customer conversion rate

When you incorporate AJAX into your osCommerce development for building a shopping cart, you actually create a super quick site that reduces your customers’ waiting time. This works best in improving your conversion rate as with lesser waiting time, the chances of the users’ call-to-action increases.

There is no frequent need of refreshing the page

When customers don’t have to keep refreshing the page time and again, they spend more time on the page as well as save a lot of time to check out other pages of your site. So, the conversion of your user into your customer becomes more viable and as they get to visit more pages in lesser time, the chance of their doing a bit more of shopping increases!  Again, when there is no need to refresh the page frequently, buyers feel safe to give their credit card details which increases their interest in shopping!

You get one screen solution

This is another great advantage of using AJAX in your development, who won’t like to have all things right on one screen!

You get to use the technology for various other purposes

Once you have developed an osCommerce application based on AJAX, you can use it for various different purposes such as for creating blogs, forums, directory sites, and so on.

It makes your site compatible with every kind of browser

As the AJAX based osCommerce shopping carts prove helpful in requesting smaller part of the information from the server, there is just no need to request for the whole page anymore. Again, because most of the browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer and so on are AJAX based, your site will never face any compatibility issues with the modern browsers.

It shows better compatibility with other languages

AJAX shows remarkable compatibility with various other languages like PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, Perl, Cold Fusion and several other languages that remove all kinds of compatibility issues. And as AJAX is known for processing really well, your site just doesn’t encounter any kind of backend processing problems when you use it in your osCommerce web development process.