5 WordPress Webinar Plugins Worthwhile to Use

wordpress-webinarUsing some exquisite webinar applications can empower your organization and prove highly helpful when it comes to making a brand quality, working in a joint effort with your group, trading thoughts on the web, and working in collaboration remotely. In fact, they form essential part when you want to spare more of your time and work in a more effective way.

A decently executed webinar will help you produce promotional leads; leave an enduring impact on your customers; help your business push ahead; and lot more. One of the most significant features of a WordPress Webinar is its capacity to trade and examine valuable data. In fact it is quite different from Webcast, in which the information transmission is restricted and thus does not permit intercommunication between the moderator and the viewers.

Below are some of the best on the market WordPress Plugin for webinar. Using them will make it easier, smarter, and far more effective for you to offer webinars to your audiences.



It is quite a stable, completely free from bugs; it works in a most incredible manner. It creates most engaging and profitable marketing funnels and assists you in creating unlimited events with unlimited attendees. It is almost a full software suite that eases up the entire process of creating live events. Using it is equally easier. Just activate the plugin and it will let your visitors see your event pages on your own domain. Next thing you got to do is login to your online Easywebinar account. This will simply need you to add the domain name(s) you feel like using. And finally you get to adjust all the events in the dashboard. For this you’ll simply have to go within your dashboard and do what you need as it is where you can create and edit all your live events. Starting from registration, live event, countdown, thank you pages, and so on, you will get each of them created automatically within it. And finally, apart from remarkable features, it has great after sales support also.


VideoWhisper Video Presentation

It is a web based video communication solution that lets you implement live video presentation and provides consultation rooms for well moderated group video conferencing. In works two-way as well as few-to-many and lets you sell access to rooms.

When it is used as WordPress plugin, it is super easy to install and update. It provides you with configurable landing room and BuddyPress group rooms. You get widget with online rooms. You can have complete control over the access through roles ID, emails, or BP groups. And as it lets you easy control over the access per room, it is finer choice as presentation post type of solution. If you have myCred integration you can also setup paid rooms. It is the best for streamed video archive management when you use Video Share VOD plugin with it.


Webinar Ignition

It is a kind of new entrant in the market but it is indeed a promising little thing. It works well both in the case of live and in case of automated events. It uses highly customizable templates and converts pretty easily. It also comes loaded with features like social integration and email reminders and also quick and smart monetization. Its question-answer management system is pretty fascinating. It comes with unlimited attendees and gives you complete freedom to add the registered attendees for opting newsletter that can be used for knowledge sharing and for product promotion. With the Google hangout technology, it streams the live events pretty well.


GoToWebinar Registration

It is one of the best ones to use with its easy to use audio, video and screen sharing options that in combination helps you in getting real engagement with larger audiences. This is a simplest possible way to extend your reach right from your desk. Though it is paid but for first 30 days you can try it for free. From customised branding to letting attendees post questions and get responses in the real time and finally get post-session survey by requesting feedbacks from the audiences after the webinar has closed, it gives several great options. Automatic registration hosting, HD video conferencing, archived recordings, convenient APIs, collecting poll and survey data, and keeping your audiences engaged with polls and surveys are other smart little things that the plugin will let you do.


WP Webinar

It is another best one on the list because it works with every possible autoresponder. Starting from mailchimp, aweber, mailpoet, icontact, or just any other that you use, it will work perfectly well with them. Best part is that it shows no issues when you use it with different WP themes and there is almost no code conflict at all. Though it has many of the great features to talk about, what instantly catches attention is that it allows you to follow-up with your attendees which helps you ensure whether or not they really attended the event or missed it out in some ways.