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About Us

CompanyAdaptative is a much more than an outsourcing vendor for IT solutions. Adaptative specialises in a broad range of subject matters in addition to having expertise in PHP & Open Source technologies. While these technologies assist you to fulfill technical requirements, it is our ability to provide you further suggestions & solutions that will increase overall effectiveness and ROI.We are Open Source development focused and as such have established a state of art R&D lab where all our developer spend approximately 16 hours a month to enhance their technical skills and provide more effective solutions.The work force is not only armed with technical skills, they have the required soft skills that is critical when it comes to delivering the right solution.

We nurture our employees in the same way we nurture our client relations. By training and mentoring our employees, we have created a workplace that encourages their ability and career growth. In turn this assists us in keeping attrition down, staff morale up and customer satisfaction exceeded.

Our unique model is built around a customised process to gather and analyse requirements based on clients needs. This was we can assure you of the quickest possible development times resulting in reduced costs and timelines.

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  • Specialised subject matter experts to suggest and improve web solutions.
  • Flexible Time Zone options, our developers are available in your time zone.
  • Direct interaction with your team through Skype, MSN, Email and Telephone.
  • One-stop solutions for all your design , development , maintenance and hosting requirements.
  • A customised simple process reduces timelines and provides cost effectivesolutions.
  • Australian based Marketing and Sales team.
  • Flexible resource options i.e. Ramp up or down team within short noticeperiod.
  • Our cost effective team have specialised experience in software technologies and soft skills.


Jaydeep Dosi

Jaydeep Dosi

Managing Director

JD has his Ph.D. in Computer Science “Ecommerce and Virtual Agent” and Masters in Computer Science and Finance coupled with more than 10 years outsourcing industry experience. Jay is responsible for the overall company growth and development as well as R&D and continual enhancing process review and enhancement. He is continuously involved in simplifying development and providing our clients with the most cost effective yet flexible solutions.

Kerry Ross

Kerry Ross

Marketing Head

Marketing Head and business principle with over 20 years marketing, sales and account management experience in advertising, print, paper & IT industries. With her years of experience in the field, Kerry offers her acumen in monitoring costs, competition, current market standards, industry and economic trends. She focuses on Planning and implementing sales, marketing, and product development programs, giving direction to R&D and proposing strategic plans for achieving corporate objectives.



Head Technology

Account Director and business principle with over 10 years experience in technology, marketing, account management experience in IT industries in various domains of commerce, travel, finance, insurance and etc. With his effective management capabilities, and cross- domains expertise, Antonio aims at promoting better business expansion, establishing & achieving company targets and analysing and enhancing performance standards. His strategic thinking & technical capacity confer better insightfulness to company growth and development.

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