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Kentico Development Melbourne

Kentico CMS Development

We offer an entire suite for Kentico development services and solutions. As it is a most reliable Web Content Management System as well as a Customer Experience Management System offering a wide array of built-in tools and features helpful for the development of websites, intranets, eCommerce, and forum and other networking sites, it is looked not only as a useful but also as a dependable framework to build your site upon.

With this incredible CMS you get proper operational ease and special ready to use support for managing and maintaining content, SEO, mobile websites, multiple site management, web marketing tools, and multi-lingual support and so much more.

Why do we recommend this Content Management System?

It is feature rich, robust in performance, compliant with high standards and most comprehensive platform offering user friendly interface. As it is built on Microsoft’s DOT NET framework it is most relied upon and highly recommended by developers. It is extremely dynamic in nature and has much better scope for personalization. As, any developer would say, there’s always a powerful framework behind every great website, this is exactly the kind of framework, on which you’ll proud to have your site, especially when your site has to deal with content on it. It is in every sense a truly solid system to build sites upon.

It is a complete Customer Experience Management system that offers you easy handling and management of your website content. Whether you have to add text or images, technical knowhow is hardly needed. You get to do it all as well as handle it all through a really simple browser based user interface. The various additional modules that it offers prove highly beneficial in the creation of online forms, selling products online, running email campaigns, building customer communities along with the creation of Enterprise 2.0 Interanets.

Some of its remarkable features include:

  • Super quick in creating new sites
  • It easily utilizes more than 400 built-in web applications
  • You get to choose from various built in modules already available.
  • Easier integration with DOT NET frameworks
  • You can modify it quite easily and extend it with visual studios
  • You get to develop your own extensions with the help of Visual studios
  • Easily scalable and usable for the websites of any type or size

What we offer in Kentico Development Services?

  • Development Services
  • Customization and Management Solutions
  • Module Development Solutions
  • Integrations & Additional Development Solutions
  • CMS Consultation
  • Creative Designing
  • Site Architecture Planning
  • Modules Customisation
  • Content Analysis and Migration
  • Solutions Deployment
  • Social and Mobile Application
  • Ecommerce Solutions
  • Web 2.0 & Social Networking Solutions
  • Managing Site & Site Content

Why to Choose Us?

We offer fully certified content management services in Kentico platform. Our dedicated team works most diligently to provide CMS solutions to varied businesses – our team members have specific experience in offering development solutions pertaining to different business types. We have already been providing services and solutions to various organizations across the globe. Our Services include strategic planning, designing and development, final deployment of the solutions for various purposes. Our solutions are always delivered on time and never exceed your budget. The development process goes through various testing phases and bug removal and the final outcome is a most satisfying solution. We focus on staying completely transparent throughout the process and our team is always ready to solve your queries and offer you timely solutions. Above all, our customer support team never misses to enquire you if you need any assistance.

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