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Time Keeper
Time Keeper Application

Project Description

Time Keeper application developed in PHP and MySQL. The time keeper application is used by admin to setup multiple tasks with standard hours against them. These tasks are combined and jobs are being created by admin, which can be single or can reoccur after a specific interval. Admin have all functionality to track job progress, completion, view various related reports, received alerts etc.

User on the other hand can login into front end and can view all job he accepted and list of new jobs waiting in pipeline to be completed. System has flexibility to share a job by multiple user, multiple jobs with pause/resume action to single users. To calculate accurate timing a standard job is being assigned to each user, which is known as break. So if he is not working on any task, he selects break. The user day’s start with first login and when he is leaving for the day, he has to sign off in application as well. If he missed admin gets alerts and admin have flexibility to do it on his behalf.

Project Details

  • Timelines2 Months
  • Cost $20000
  • DateJanuary 4, 2015
  • Scope Of Work
    Design, Development, Testing, Maintenance
  • Tags

Project Challanges

  • To assign a single job to multiple users, managing its status and calculating each user hours separately.
  • To manage situation when user forgets to log off for the day.
  • To manage situation when user is not assigned to any of task and how to track that.
  • To manage reoccurring job is only created when the previous job has been completed.
  • To minimize the clashes between user in selecting a specific job.
  • Same tablet is used by many users so to make sure that no one else is using others account when the previous user forgot to sign off by auto sign off on specific actions and 20 seconds auto sign off on no activity.
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