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No matter how good a website’s functionality, it’s incomplete without an effective and professional design. Web Design is an art and development is a science. At Adaptative we aim for a perfect collaboration of both to deliver you highly successful website that meets your brand requirements. Like development, there is a process we follow to ensure our initial concepts meet your brief; from there we take your direction to finesse your choice. We have extensive experience in both Graphic and Web design. And while we understand that the two require different consideration, we are constantly providing our clients with hard and soft design solutions that work together as a suite.

The success of your website is pivotal to the progress of your online business. Yet several businesses simply don’t focus on the important factors that are essential for their online success. After creating and designing numerous sites that excelled instantly, we found that simply focusing on 15 important areas lead to most remarkable results. Before you even plan out what you need and how it should be like, simply take a quick look at these essential areas.

15 Areas to Focus on for a Successful Website

It isn’t creative if it isn’t easy & it doesn’t convert

It is true that creativity attracts. Yet, it isn’t a smart idea to keep simplicity and usage ease at stake for the sake of creativity. When you aim at maximising visitor engagement and want your visitors to convert into your customers, creativity will need smart modification and proper channelizing. The trick is to be straightforward and concise. Visitors do love being entertained but not in a way that confuses them. Stay to the point – your online portal isn’t a piece of modern art!

Your sales pitch is not a thing to stay in the hiding

Do you sell something? You are on the web for providing a service or you manufacture some kind of product? Keep your audiences aware of who you are and what you do and why they should choose you. In other words make your brand and USP shout out loud. The content on the page or in the footer and side bars, the logo, the visuals – everything must clearly do the sale pitching for you.

Unclear Call to Action, unclear success plan

What do you want your visitors to do? Do you want them to buy something? Is it a blog post subscription that your landing page aims at? Let your aim be clearly visible on the page. An optimally placed ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Subscribe’ button will encourage the visitors to take the needed action.

‘About Us’ page is not to bore your audiences

Most businesses simply include company history or add a brief introduction to what they do. This often bores up the audiences. Instead of simply opening a window to your business open an entire door, introduce all that’s unique about you. Along with the dab of information also add an ounce of how you’re useful to your audiences and build a real relationship with them.

Website owners usually take this place too lightly and sometimes they even consider it unwanted or not very useful area. Don’t form any such perception. ‘About Us’ page is indeed one of the important areas that need serious handling.

Design & Style is never the ‘same size fits all’

Following a bohemian style is fine. Going for cutting-edge layout is equally good. What isn’t fine is following or blindly copying what anybody else is doing. If Coca Cola logo is doing extremely well for Coca Cola, there is no surety that the same style will work for any other cola company. The pattern and page layout of your competitor is working really well doesn’t mean that it will work well for you too.

Simply focus on your brand and business attributes while deciding how your site should look like.

Your home page is not the place for clutter

Have you been placing the content on your homepage almost randomly? This will make your homepage a completely messed up place. Any kind of haphazard clutter will only ensure your visitors going away. Go for grid based layout. This kind of arrangement will arrange the page is to arrange it into specific sections, boxes, and columns. It will give balance to your design and line up all the content. Your page will be de-cluttered and look attractive.

Fonts, illustrations, animation shouldn’t complicate

Placing pretty pictures and overloading the page with animations and heavier illustrations can sometimes do nothing more than complicating everything about your webpage. Fonts too require proper selection. Overly-artistic fonts can confuse your readers. It is always better to choose something simpler that neither complicates nor clutters. Colour of the text and the background also follow the same rule. Excessively bright colour used in the illustrations or animations can discourage the visitors to stay longer on your page.

Slower loading time is another word for lower business output

If your pages really take ages in loading, it is more likely that your visitors will leave it soon never to return. In other words, it will reduce your potential customer which will obviously mar your business output indirectly. You’ll need to optimise the image sizes that include both size and scale. To have your code well combined into a JavaScript or CSS file is another important action to take as it will reduce the HTTP requests. Finally, make HTML, CSS, and JavaScript usage minimal.

Not friendly to varied devices means not friendly to varied customers

Mobile devices have almost overtaken the conventional desktops and laptops. Most people shop online through their smart phones and tablets. Yes, the scenario is same for accessing information. But this doesn’t mean that nobody uses good old computer sets. When you are targeting varied device users, you need to make sure your site works well on every popular device.

Platform instability is a way to kill your customers

What platform you choose for building your site does matter a lot. A wrong or unfit platform will make it really difficult for your customers and even a slight difficulty can take your customers away to somewhere they find things easier. Unstable platform will also prove difficult for you staff adding up product or content on it.

Choose a more stable and secure platform ensuring comfortable user experience and not something that gets into a mesh of errors and delays or has longer downtime.

Content that doesn’t speak well, doesn’t do a thing

Of course, your content should be of high-quality and free from all kinds of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. But this is just the basic part. Other important thing to keep in mind is to make your content concise, clear, and to the point. Your page shouldn’t read like a passage from some literary classic! Stick to your target audiences, their needs and their level of understanding.

Not keeping your customers usage ease is like biding them goodbye

Navigation and overall user experience should be easier and more intuitive. Before you even get the web page ready ask yourself about everything that a user may want for easy and straightforward website usage.

No idea how the conversions are doing means no idea how your business is doing

Precisely speaking, you need to track the conversions. This will tell you a lot about who your visitors are and exactly who among them are getting converted to your real customers. Information such as demographic data like age, gender, location; the browser that brought them here; how much time they really spent on each of your pages; and so on will prove quite useful for your business and marketing plans.

You shouldn’t miss out working hand-in-hand with a concrete marketing plan

Selling online is no different from selling off the line when it comes to properly market your products or services. Your marketing plan needs to be as unique as your business. You just can’t forget to keep in mind the type of online portal you own and the kind of style it is draped in.

Not planning to hire a web design company for the entire project

If you have no plans to hire a company for an entire project, be ready to find the site constructed willy-nilly. Getting the site ready in chunks from different people may lead to lack of coordination between the different parts. On the other hand, by hiring an entire company you also get option for various other aspects of designing and development such as an entire team for inbound marketing and optimisation.

Finding an experienced company isn’t a tough job. You’ll simply have to look for one that has already handled a project similar to yours. Looking at the portfolio will make it easier to decide. This simple step will prove beneficial for future too. If you want re-designing or renovation, approaching the same set of people who did the task earlier will get you better results.

How can you business possibly translate all that into a website, simply Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

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